Big sales & A board of chess

                  Strengthen the ideas of "big sales" and "a board of chess", play an active role of internal force, make a special effort to do market analysis research, preferential marketing, market development and customer service, improve company marketing ability and service level.

                  Taking market, customer demand as the orientation, focusing on product development planning goals, aiming at home and abroad advantageous industries, tracing advanced technologies, continuing to mark up, speed up new product research and development and industrialization process, forming key technology, cultivating the core technical ability, enhancing the enterprise competitiveness.

                  In view of the company's core products and key product groups, with the concept of "do better and stronger, do bigger" , at the same time of developing competitive products, focus on development of high technology, high value-added plates, rods, tubes, etc.

                  With the help of military integration and supporting policies, we will focus on the development of supporting materials in the fields of aerospace, aviation and oceanography, and the structural parts, key standard parts and the realization of breakthroughs in the new models.

                  We will actively develop the civil market, focus on the titanium articles for daily use, and actively develop the titanium articles for daily use with wide application, low cost, stable quality and novel appearance.

                  Customer is the center

                  Deepen the management concept that customer is the center, continuous improve manufacturing management system, and optimize the production organization, improve precision of the equipment function and strengthen the process quality control, to control the quality process to improve product manufacturing capability.

                  Push the whole process cycle management of the contract; realize the production and supply sales seamless connection, reduce the production quality transmission link; make contract management to the working team and station, improve seized accuracy and on time delivery management ability, improve the accuracy of completion of the contract, to achieve high quality, fast speed, low cost to complete the contract goal, speed up the implementation of BAOTI intelligent manufacturing project manufacturing execution MES application, strengthen the company's production scheduling coordination function, enhance the level of production service level and production information monitoring.