Company now has a group of domestic first-class titanium and titanium alloy processing experts and high-quality staff team. They have rich practical experience and theoretical basis in the technical research, new product development, product testing, and other fields. They are in possession of a number of domestic unique core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. They are also the important maker of titanium standards and regulations. From the perspective of the culture, attract and use good talent, company training a group of export-oriented senior management personnel, engineering and technology talents team with exquisite technology and knowledge.


                  Efforts should be made to establish a learning enterprise, gradually establish a system suitable to knowledge management, promote lifelong learning of employees, and consciously contribute knowledge to the development of enterprises. We will comprehensively improve the quality of our employees and cultivate a new generation of "BAOTI people", so that intelligent employees can produce intelligent metal and use knowledge to promote the company's development.



                  In recent years, the company recruit some graduating students who are major in metal material or mechanical electrical which suitable for company long-term development from Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Central South University, Northeastern University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology etc., organize of more than two hundred employed staff and workers to participate in Xi 'an Jiaotong university, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi 'an university of architecture and technology materials, mechanical and electrical professional on-job postgraduates learning, cooperate with Central South University, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, and non-ferrous metals institute of Beijing university academy ,relying on the post-doctoral scientific research workstation and academician experts workstation and signing high-level personnel, jointly build a talent training base and cultivate innovative talents. This year we give special compensation to "double top" university graduates to attract talents to work in our company, continue to conduct the core backbone key position performance review and reward work, inspire the enthusiasm of technical personnel and skilled talents.


                  Company will work through the implementation of the "five certain", further optimize the organizational structure and personnel structure, increase the intensity of performance appraisal, improve the performance appraisal of the company, activate the potential of human resources, so as to arouse the enthusiasm of workers, finally realizes "person-job fit, job duty and responsibilities clear, streamlined and incentives are in place" in the human resources management goal, laying solid foundation enterprise development, enhance the vitality of enterprises.